Split System Air Conditioning

When summer is just around the corner, you might want to have your split system checked to avoid sweating all your fluids out on an unforgiving hot day.

A split system air conditioner is an innovation that is helping home and office owners to breathe in clean and fresh air, while being energy efficient and quiet. It is a popular choice with most homes these days as it provides cooling and heating functions in a fast and effective manner. Split System air conditioning in Melbourne comes in many different forms and brands, all varying in capacity, style and energy efficiency. We offer air conditioning installation in Frankston and in Melbourne. Our team of experts can also help you with air conditioning service in Melbourne

How Split System Air Conditioning works:

There are two units that make up a split system, that is the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. While the outdoor units are usually the same, depending on capacity, can either have one large exhaust fan or two moderately sized exhaust fans. However, indoor units can be of various types such as:

  • Wall mounted

    The most commonly found unit in homes and smaller office units. They are positioned high on a wall to provide all round cooling.

  • Bulk Head

    When properties have concrete ceilings or limited wall space, such units are preferred.

  • Ceiling Cassette

    These units unlike the mounted units are fit into the ceiling and are ideal for smaller properties with limited space.

  • Floor Standing

    These units stand tall with their base on the floor and are also preferred in small spaces.

Advantages of Split System Air Conditioning:

Call us for a free quote for air conditioning installation in Melbourne and Frankston, air conditioner service in Melbourne and enjoy the breeze of benefits that an air conditioner offers:

  • Clean filtered air through the inbuilt filtration system
  • Quite as compared to its predecessors
  • Energy efficient models are available for large savings on electricity bills
  • Efficient cooling and heating capacity
  • Stylish and elegant designs to suit your interiors

Why Choose DS Electrical?

  • Expertise in all types of split system air conditioning systems
  • Long lasting servicing results
  • Moving of units also undertaken
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  • Prompt service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs
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  • Up to date industry standards
  • Ensured safety of our team members and customers
  • Professional work ethics
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