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Invest in Renewable This Summer: Why You Should Install Solar Panels in Your Home

Summer is right around the corner so now is the time to think about how you can save on your energy bills. And before you go to drastic measures think solar panels because Melbourne can have up to 15 hours of daylight during the summer. With over 15 years of experience DS Electrical are experts on how to install solar panels and why you should install them.

Why are Solar Panels beneficial?

Cost Saving: It is no hidden fact solar panels are a one-time investment designed to cut energy bills, thus paying for themselves within five years of installation. Additionally, the Australian government has designed incentive programs for people that opt in for solar installation.

Largest Renewable Energy Source:  Solar energy is considered to be the most effective and affordable renewable energy source in  the energy consumers market. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells which convert the suns energy into electricity. Australia is constantly exposed to the suns’ harsh rays; hence it makes the perfect place to install solar panels. Unlike other renewable sources solar energy doesn’t only generate electricity it can also be adapted into other forms of energy including thermal heating.  Ask one of our electricians how solar panels can improve your home.

Government Incentives:  The Australian Government has set up an incentive program for households that install solar panels, the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). This means in 2019 you can claim up to $2225 for your solar installation if you choose to use a registered Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer like the electricians at DS Electrics.

Another incentive the Victorian government has implemented is Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs). This is a set rate that will be paid to you for any excess energy (energy you don’t use) that is fed into the electrical grid. There are two version of this tariffs; single-rate tariff and time-varying tariff, and it will depend on your energy provider as to what tariff is offered.

  • The single-rate tariff is a set rate that is applied regardless of the time of day, in the 2019-20 financial year this tariff is 12 cents per kilowatt hour.
  • The time-varying tariff is a tariff that will have varying rates depending on off peak and peak hour, in the 2019-2020 financial the off-peak rate is 9.9 cents per kilowatt hour and peak rate can reach 14.6 cents per kilowatt hour.

Long Lasting:  Solar panels are not known to wear out and if they do many solar panels come with 20 year warranties. The estimated degradation is 1% per year with maintenance checks, this means that solar panels will still be 80% efficient in 20 years.

Real Estate Benefits: Installing a solar panel can have unheard of benefits when it comes to selling your house. Real Estate agents jump at the opportunity to sell a house with solar panels as more and more Australians buying houses are becoming conscious about climate change and global warming. In recent years houses in Melbourne that have solar panels installed have sold for up to $22,000 more and 20% faster than houses that do not have solar panels.

Ready to install solar panels? Choose DS Electrical electricians to install them.

Our electricians have over 15 years of experience installing solar panels and are highly knowledgeable in current renewable energy trends. We not only install solar panels but can undertake the sourcing and procuring of the solar panels, making sure they are of highest quality and the right fit for your house at an affordable price.

Prepare for summer the right way! Get an instant quote, call us at +61 425 795 966 or email us today!



An industrial electrician has the essence to repair, test and maintain an array of complex electrical equipment for a large number of industries. In Australia, many mining companies, car manufacturers, large electric firms and steel producers are hiring industrial electricians at a larger fold. Now, the question is, what makes a good industrial electrician? We probably expect that choosing a good industrial electrician is the same as choosing any other electrician. Although, there is no much difference, but the major fact is that industrial electricians have expertise in a particular industry and also study specialised equipment, such as robotics. They have the basic knowledge of an electrician but maintain a competitive edge with job enriched expertise and specialised knowledge. Looking at the characteristics which make a good industrial electrician, DS Electrical specialises in providing industry specific electrical services with a great team of good industrial electricians in Melbourne,

So, what are the characteristics of a good industrial electrician Melbourne which might make hiring one easier for you? Let us have an enlightenment.

  1. Education and post-apprentice courses:  A good industrial electrician Melbourne would have the knowledge, experience and training required to work with highly specialised electrical equipment.
  1. Intellectual Ability: On every job site, reading comprehension, writing & composition skills, critical thinking and analytical skills are of highest importance. A good industrial electrician Melbourne would be able to communicate well, take data, observe it efficiently, have a great understanding and execute decisions based upon it. He/She would also be in a position to assimilate new ideas into productive projects.
  1. Knowledge of safety codes: A good industrial electrician Melbourne has a strong hold on safety codes and procedures. According to the National Electric Code, these safety codes are created for the electrical safety in building and industrial establishments.
  1. Understanding of Business: Time management, leadership, people management, relationship management, basic accounting and understanding of simple business systems are the traits of a  good industrial electrician Melbourne.
  1. Specialisation in various industries: It is an incredible skill to have on a work site. It not only makes the industrial electrician stand out from the rest but increase the chances of being promoted to a higher position.

The list can be exhaustive if we consider all the technical and non-technical parameters of a good industrial electrician Melbourne. Here, we have tried to give an idea of the expertise an industrial electrician can have and the skill set that the most successful one possesses. DS Electrical is the specialist in providing the best industrial electricians in Melbourne. We understand that the industrial equipment requires a highly efficient industrial electrician, along with consistent power at a higher intensity. Contact us today for a free quote or professional advice for your industrial electrical needs on + 61 425 795 966. We are available 24/7.

Domestic electrician Frankston

HURRY NOW! Hire Experienced Domestic Electrician in Frankston!

Are you looking for professional electric system installation in your home? Do you want to install a new electrical equipment in the house? Are you frustrated with the frequent system breakdown and power cuts? Are you seeking an experienced domestic electrician Frankston to provide you with an unmatched proficiency? DS Electrical strives to cater to all your domestic electrical needs with cost-effective services. Our domestic electrician Frankston specialise in detailed inspections of your electric systems, maintenance, repair, re-wiring, installations and emergency domestic electrician Frankston services.

WHY HIRE DOMESTIC ELECTRICIAN FRANKSTON? Hiring DS Electrical offers domestic electricians in Frankston for all your domestic electric needs.

They prevent fire outbreaks: Faulty wiring is a fire waiting to happen and need immediate attention. An experienced domestic electrician can handle the vast interdependent network with ease.

They install and maintain smoke alarm: There is no better way for you and your family to have complete peace of mind from fire hazards.

Who else would do the wiring for your new home entertainment centre? They make you get the best of your system with the safe wiring.

They make security lighting come true: Installing motion sensor lighting save a lot on electricity bills and increase the security of your home.

They install electricity measuring devices for you! Want to monitor your electricity usage? Domestic electrician Frankston will do the needful for you.

Hire experienced domestic electrician in Frankston with us, because we just don’t change bulbs, but provide a comprehensive range of domestic electrical services at affordable rates for all our clients. Our domestic electrician Frankston is fully licensed and experienced to carry out the most complex electrical jobs. DS Electrical offers a wide range of electrical work in Melbourne. Call us today on 0425 795 966 for a quick quote and appointments.



With summer season here, most of us are focussed on summertime fun. As most of us are back from the holidays, this is the crucial time to think about AC service and maintenance. This step is essential to avoid any unexpected breakdown, leaving your home or workplace uncomfortable. All the air conditioners, of which so ever quality and specifications, need regular maintenance to avoid problems with efficient functioning. Not sure how to go about it? Well, there is nothing which works as better as scheduled professional air conditioning service.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE OF AC: Preventive maintenance of the air conditioning unit is often overlooked and even ignored, but DS Electrical takes an opportunity to stress the importance of this simple task. If we wait until something terribly goes wrong or till the last moment to have the air conditioner repaired, it turns to be a very expensive mistake. According to our recommendation, the most cost-effective way to have the best from your unit is through proper care. Keeping the idea of regular maintenance for optimal performance, we specialise in air conditioning service and air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

DS Electrical and its team of skilled AC specialists strive to help each client to get the most of their air conditioner units in the summer. We keenly analyse the condition of your AC and fix the loopholes for efficient functioning. Our basic air conditioning service in Melbourne includes lubrication of the moving parts in the AC, checking the proper functioning of the settings & controls, checking the electrical connections and much more for your air conditioner to show peak performance.

THE ADVANTAGES OF AC SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: Keeping a check on the AC unit yourself and consulting a professional AC specialist for regular maintenance, helps in saving a lot of money and energy. The benefits of AC repairs and maintenance measures include,

  • Enhanced energy efficiency and performance
  • Prevention of costly breakdowns
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Extended longevity of the AC unit
  • Safer system
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint and eco-friendly functioning

With us, you need not worry about sudden breakdown, emergency repair requirements or the fire hazards associated with unmaintained air conditioners. Call us on 0425 795 966 for all the air conditioning service and air conditioning installation needs in Melbourne.

Security Systems


All the residential, commercial and industrial properties need to be serious about fire safety and measures. It is worth taking all the time and resources to find the right smoke alarm and ensuring that they are maintained to efficiency help in avoiding a fire emergency.

1. TEST BUTTON YOUR ALARMS : Smoke alarms should be tested every month by pushing the test button. Additionally, you can also test the alarm with actual smoke from the candle.

2. CLEAN ALL THE DETECTORS : Airborne dust and accumulation of debris can interfere with the performance of the alarm system. Smoke alarms should be cleaned at least once every 6 months by vacuuming the casing and vents.

3. CHANGE THE BATTERIES REGULARLY : Smoke alarms which are powered by replaceable batteries or backups should have their batteries changed annually or if required. It is ideal to not wait for the alarm to make high-pitched chirp to annoy everyone around.

4. GET NEW ONES BEFORE THE OLD RUN OUT : Smoke alarms should be replaced before they reach 10 years of manufacturing. The efficiency of the alarms after a certain span is considered to decrease incredibly, increasing the chances of fire outbreak without alarm.

5. PAINT CLOGS THE VENTS : Smoke alarms should never be painted for optimum performance.

6. FALSE ALARMS : Before replacing or deactivating the concerned smoke alarm, investigate the cause of the false alarms. Relocate if the situation requires so.

7. SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE : Consider approaching a reliable manufacturer or supplier for all the queries regarding the smoke alarm installation and maintenance.

A licensed electrical contractor is required to disconnect or install mains powered smoke alarms, and DS Electrical, electrician in melbourne provides efficient smoke alarm solutions across Melbourne. We consider your safety as our priority. Testing, cleaning and maintaining your smoke alarms could have never been so easy!

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Preparing ourselves for the Summer, we all have lot of plans for the new swimming costumes, stocking up the UV protective sunscreen or booking an amazing getaway for the Christmas. Amidst all this, it becomes essentially important to think about the power consumption of our homes and properties.

The lesser energy we use, the lesser we pay for the utility and there are immense number of things which can be done to save energy and lower the unwanted consumption. So, let’s give our home a energy saving mode during the hotter months in Australia.

The following tips are good on your wallet and for the environment too!

Reduce the stand-by power : This can be done by switching the appliances off when they aren’t in use or by using a stand-by controller with automatically turns off the appliances which are not in functional mode.

Set an air conditioner just 1 degree warmer than required : This technique can cut the cooling cost by 10 per cent.

Use zoned cooling : Focus on cooling only the areas which are in use. The cooling can also be alternated between separate units.

Air conditioner and regular maintenance : Regular cleaning and replacement of the filter maximises the performance of the AC and decreases the chances of hampered cooling due to dust and debris.

Efficiently insulate the walls and ceilings : The better the insulation, the lesser is the electricity consumption load on the air conditioner.

Reduce seasonal heat exchange : This can be done by covering the windows with roller blinds or drapes as these can reduce the heat exchange upto 50% by deflecting heat from the sun.

Go green : Plant trees with huge canopy, thick shrubs and vines in and around the home. These are known to cool the home upto 12 degrees.

Use fans : These appliances are cheaper on operation, help in evaporating moisture from the skin and providing cooling effect.

Save through fridge and freezers : These appliances show minimised electricity savings when the fridge temperature is set between 3 C and 5C and the freezer temperature is set between -15 C and -18 C.

Close the rooms which aren’t being used : This is a simple way to retain cool air, reduce the power consumption and efficiently direct the cooling effect from the air conditioner.

We are providing all above electrical services in Melbourne for more information about energy efficiency, cooling, heating and other energy saving services, contact us on on +61 425 795 966.