Complete Generator Installation

Electric failure can happen at absolutely any given time. There is no predicting a power shortage that could be caused by adverse weather conditions such as extremely hot weather and heavy rains. Furthermore, an electric storm or fault can also be the cause of unexpected power outages in Melbourne.

Why Do You Need Generators?

At DS Electrical Works we provide comprehensive generator installation and servicing in Melbourne that is known to keep our customers at ease while the worst power outage has made all other homes and businesses redundant. This is especially true in the case of businesses operations that depend on the use of electrical devices and appliances such as electrically operated cooking appliances, computers and other devices that govern the working of a business. Every business, however, does need basic necessities to work, such as the light, ventilation, electrically operated doors and the kind.

Fuel powered generators can operate on diesel fuel or compressed gas and can provide hours of back up in the face of such difficult situations. What’s more is that, at DS Electrical Works, our electricians are experts at setting up lighting protection systems or lighting transition systems that eliminate the need for manually switching between the source of power supply. This provides seamless switching, creating the impression that a power outage never occurred in the first place.

Why Choose DS Electrical Works?

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge about all types of generators
  • Prompt service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs
  • Reliable and trustworthy workmanship
  • On call every day for emergencies and servicing requirements
  • Up to date industry standards
  • Ensured safety of our team members and customers
  • Professional work ethics
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