Smart Home & Home Automations

Our phones are becoming a central tool of functionality. From serving its basic function of calling and text messaging, technology has taken us ahead by leaps and bounds. This has enabled us to perform complex tasks with a few taps on the screen. Home Automation is one such innovation that has been made available to the wider public. What was only a luxury to for the wealthiest has now become available to all homes. Our team at DS Electrical Works has extensive knowledge and understanding regarding the installation of Home Automation systems in Melbourne.

What is Home Automation?

Simply put, home automation systems enable you to control numerous features of your home from a central operating device and even your cellular phones such as iPhones, Android devices and so on. Home automation is a technology that is seemingly come out of popular movie culture where the connectivity aspect of every technological device and appliance speaks volumes about our promising future innovations. This technology is no longer out of your reach. DS Electrical Works can help make your Melbourne home a Smart Home.

What can you control?

  • Audio/visual systems such as home theatres
  • Ceiling fans/exhaust fans
  • Keyless entry door locks
  • Lights
  • Roller shutters and motorised blinds
  • Heating and cooling
  • Security systems
  • Smart energy management systems
  • Other electronic appliances
  • And everything that you wish to control from the comfort of your couch

Why Choose DS Electrical Works?

  • Expertise with all available brands of home automation systems
  • Automation systems linked with all applicable portable devices
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Prompt service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs
  • Reliable and trustworthy workmanship
  • On call every day for emergencies and servicing requirements
  • Up to date industry standards
  • Ensured safety of our team members and customers
  • Professional work ethics
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