Industrial Electric Services

Working with large equipment and machinery is hard work and workers have to focus entirely on operating such machinery. It is the employer’s job to ensure that the internal systems are up to date and work safely. We are the right people to call to keep your workers and assets free from harm.

DS Electrical specialises in providing industry specific electrical services in Melbourne. We understand that each factory has a tight schedule that helps them to meet deadlines and deliver according to client requirements. Our team of industrial electricians in Melbourne work around your needs and respect your urgency when it comes to service, repair or new fit outs for factories and other industrial settings that involve heavy machinery and complex wiring.

3 Phase Power:

A 3 phase power supply is the ideal kind of power supply for industrial equipment. This involves combining three separate waves of current that ensures that the power to a particular piece of heavy machinery is never varied or dropped to zero. In the case of single phase power, the current drops to zero in every three cycles. While this is manageable for home appliances and other low duty machinery, industrial equipment requires consistent power at a higher intensity.

At DS Electrical our team expert industrial electricians in Melbourne can help you install three phase systems, and also repair and maintain them. Some advantages of three phase power are as follows:

  • Transmission efficiency
  • Immediate power supply
  • Smooth functioning
  • More power for electric motors of a larger scale
  • And many more benefits for industrial sized equipment

We can help you with all your electrical requirements in your factory setting, such as:

  • Installing of new factory lights for optimum vision within required space
  • Hi Bay lighting systems
  • 3 phase switchboard upgrades to protect you from any uncertain electric disasters and to maintain operating efficiency
  • Data cabling for factories and industrial settings
  • Extra lights and wiring
  • Installing new machinery and efficient electricity management
  • Relocation of heavy machinery that involves rewiring
  • General factory fit outs for new or renovated facilities

Machine and Equipment Repair:

It can be a major setback when machines and equipment default in a factory setting. They can offset all production targets and potentially lead to significant losses for the company. Keeping this in mind, our maintenance experts at DS Electrical Works are trained to work within the shortest possible time frame while delivering results that ensure a longer working life for your machinery.

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