LED Lighting & Power Points

Be the change you want to see and use the lights that help you to see. LED lights are not just popular for the massive dollar savings, but they are also quite efficient and bright. If your friends argue about the right type of lighting, being on the LED side will guarantee a win, each time!

LED Lighting:

Technological innovations are deemed great when they create a massive impact in several fields of design and application. LED lights are such an innovation that deserves to be acknowledged and taken advantage of. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is a tremendous improvement over halogen lights that were extensively being used in homes, and in some cases are still present.

At DS Electrical we have developed a deeper understanding about LED home and commercial lighting in Melbourne and are in a position to improve the lighting in your home and help you save hundreds of dollars on your light bills. It is wise to call us for LED light bulb replacement for a cleaner and cheaper option in lighting.

What are some advantages of LED lights?

  • LED lights generally have a lifespanof 50,000 hours which roughly calculates to over 5.5 years. This is probably one of the best investments any home or business owner could ever make.
  • LED lights are really inexpensiveas well as last longer than conventional light globes.
  • Energy saving– due to the size and technology of how a LED globe illuminates, your electricity bill will face a major drop down.
  • LED lights not only serve as blessing for the environment and your pocket, but add a modern lookto every nook and corner of your home.

Due to the various advantages of these lights, you could also add a number of lights in places that you were unsure about at first, due to power consumption concerns. LED light bulb replacements will offer not only savings but also prolonged security in unattended areas of your home.

Power Points:

DS Electrical can help you increase convenience by installing power points in desired locations and also upgrade older points to ensure safety and modern convenience such as installing power points with a USB power port and so on. We can also help you integrate home theatre systems and add TV points where you need them, and eliminate the need of using long extension cords that you could potentially trip over or damage by regular use.

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