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All the residential, commercial and industrial properties need to be serious about fire safety and measures. It is worth taking all the time and resources to find the right smoke alarm and ensuring that they are maintained to efficiency help in avoiding a fire emergency.

1. TEST BUTTON YOUR ALARMS : Smoke alarms should be tested every month by pushing the test button. Additionally, you can also test the alarm with actual smoke from the candle.

2. CLEAN ALL THE DETECTORS : Airborne dust and accumulation of debris can interfere with the performance of the alarm system. Smoke alarms should be cleaned at least once every 6 months by vacuuming the casing and vents.

3. CHANGE THE BATTERIES REGULARLY : Smoke alarms which are powered by replaceable batteries or backups should have their batteries changed annually or if required. It is ideal to not wait for the alarm to make high-pitched chirp to annoy everyone around.

4. GET NEW ONES BEFORE THE OLD RUN OUT : Smoke alarms should be replaced before they reach 10 years of manufacturing. The efficiency of the alarms after a certain span is considered to decrease incredibly, increasing the chances of fire outbreak without alarm.

5. PAINT CLOGS THE VENTS : Smoke alarms should never be painted for optimum performance.

6. FALSE ALARMS : Before replacing or deactivating the concerned smoke alarm, investigate the cause of the false alarms. Relocate if the situation requires so.

7. SEEK PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE : Consider approaching a reliable manufacturer or supplier for all the queries regarding the smoke alarm installation and maintenance.

A licensed electrical contractor is required to disconnect or install mains powered smoke alarms, and DS Electrical, electrician in melbourne provides efficient smoke alarm solutions across Melbourne. We consider your safety as our priority. Testing, cleaning and maintaining your smoke alarms could have never been so easy!

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