Complete Solar Installation

Have you ever wondered how you could save significantly on monthly expenditures and save the planet at the same time? Solar power is the simple answer to bigger problems that we are all facing. Using the renewable energy of the sun, today’s high tech solar technology produces ample energy to satisfy daily demands and further save some for those cloudy and rainy days in Melbourne.

Why choose DS Electrical for Solar installations in Melbourne?

At DS electrical, our 15 years of expertise has enabled us to educate customers to strategically think about using solar power. The first and foremost piece of information being, an incorrectly installed solar panel will not give you the optimum results that you set out to achieve. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avail the services of qualified professionals.

We can recommend the best solar panel brands and undertake sourcing and procurement as well. Our main priority is to be transparent with transactions and make our services affordable for everyone. A solar panel is a one-time investment that provides a long life of benefits in terms of cost cutting and contributing to a healthier planet by reducing the demand for exhaustible fuel resources.

After installation, our team is one call away for any repairs or servicing needs that might arise.

How does a solar panel work?

  • The sun shines onto the photovoltaic cells that are arranged in a matrix form in the solar panel.
  • Photovoltaic cells consist of silicon that gets activated with exposure to sunlight and this triggers the electrons to jump. This gives us electric charge in the form of low voltage DC electricity
  • DC electricity is converted into 240V AC with the help of an inverter which is channelled to your switchboard
  • While you use the electricity that you need, the rest can be stored in a battery for night time use or on cloudy days
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