Renovations – Re-wiring – Switch Board Upgrades – Safety Switches

Are you planning to undertake a total home renovation? Or perhaps, thinking of adding extra lights in a particular area. At DS Electrical Works we can organise home renovation services for all your electric needs. Such as installing security/alarm systems or installing that new home theatre system.

Home renovations need to be carefully assessed and planned to avoid any future discrepancies that lead to replanning and additional expenses. In our 15 years of experience we have helped several home owners in Melbourne in the home renovation process.

What we can offer for home renovations:

  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Power point installation
  • Security systems
  • Complete house wiring, including garage and outdoor units
  • Earthing system upgrades
  • And much more


It is crucially important that you keep a tab on the existing wiring in your home. Poor management in this area could potentially lead to disastrous consequences such as electrical fires and inefficient use of power that is a result of poor electric transmission. Here’s how you could look for signs that your needs rewiring services:

  • Out-dated electric fuse boards
  • Fuse boards that are too hot when touched
  • Black coloured wiring
  • No earthing at power points
  • Flickering of lights when using other appliances
  • Frequent tripping of safety switches
  • Contact DS Electrical Works for a free consultation about such issues

We keep the work downtime to a bare minimum, meaning that you can continue to use your space to normally while we carry out rewiring work in particular areas. We take care of any mess that is made, like we were never there.

Switchboard Upgrades

Switch board upgrades are required for every home after a certain span. This is usually the case where the switch boards are more than 15-20 years old. Ignorance of this issue could increase the potential of electric fire outbreaks when several appliances are being operated at the same time.

Safety Switches

Safety switches are a simple innovation that could potentially save life and property. They are responsible for turning off the electric supply when a leakage is detected or when the use of a number of electric appliances leads to an overload. The state of Victoria has strict regulations about these switches and it is made mandatory for the safety of your loved ones.

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