With summer season here, most of us are focussed on summertime fun. As most of us are back from the holidays, this is the crucial time to think about AC service and maintenance. This step is essential to avoid any unexpected breakdown, leaving your home or workplace uncomfortable. All the air conditioners, of which so ever quality and specifications, need regular maintenance to avoid problems with efficient functioning. Not sure how to go about it? Well, there is nothing which works as better as scheduled professional air conditioning service.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE OF AC: Preventive maintenance of the air conditioning unit is often overlooked and even ignored, but DS Electrical takes an opportunity to stress the importance of this simple task. If we wait until something terribly goes wrong or till the last moment to have the air conditioner repaired, it turns to be a very expensive mistake. According to our recommendation, the most cost-effective way to have the best from your unit is through proper care. Keeping the idea of regular maintenance for optimal performance, we specialise in air conditioning service and air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

DS Electrical and its team of skilled AC specialists strive to help each client to get the most of their air conditioner units in the summer. We keenly analyse the condition of your AC and fix the loopholes for efficient functioning. Our basic air conditioning service in Melbourne includes lubrication of the moving parts in the AC, checking the proper functioning of the settings & controls, checking the electrical connections and much more for your air conditioner to show peak performance.

THE ADVANTAGES OF AC SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: Keeping a check on the AC unit yourself and consulting a professional AC specialist for regular maintenance, helps in saving a lot of money and energy. The benefits of AC repairs and maintenance measures include,

  • Enhanced energy efficiency and performance
  • Prevention of costly breakdowns
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Extended longevity of the AC unit
  • Safer system
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint and eco-friendly functioning

With us, you need not worry about sudden breakdown, emergency repair requirements or the fire hazards associated with unmaintained air conditioners. Call us on 0425 795 966 for all the air conditioning service and air conditioning installation needs in Melbourne.