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Preparing ourselves for the Summer, we all have lot of plans for the new swimming costumes, stocking up the UV protective sunscreen or booking an amazing getaway for the Christmas. Amidst all this, it becomes essentially important to think about the power consumption of our homes and properties.

The lesser energy we use, the lesser we pay for the utility and there are immense number of things which can be done to save energy and lower the unwanted consumption. So, let’s give our home a energy saving mode during the hotter months in Australia.

The following tips are good on your wallet and for the environment too!

Reduce the stand-by power : This can be done by switching the appliances off when they aren’t in use or by using a stand-by controller with automatically turns off the appliances which are not in functional mode.

Set an air conditioner just 1 degree warmer than required : This technique can cut the cooling cost by 10 per cent.

Use zoned cooling : Focus on cooling only the areas which are in use. The cooling can also be alternated between separate units.

Air conditioner and regular maintenance : Regular cleaning and replacement of the filter maximises the performance of the AC and decreases the chances of hampered cooling due to dust and debris.

Efficiently insulate the walls and ceilings : The better the insulation, the lesser is the electricity consumption load on the air conditioner.

Reduce seasonal heat exchange : This can be done by covering the windows with roller blinds or drapes as these can reduce the heat exchange upto 50% by deflecting heat from the sun.

Go green : Plant trees with huge canopy, thick shrubs and vines in and around the home. These are known to cool the home upto 12 degrees.

Use fans : These appliances are cheaper on operation, help in evaporating moisture from the skin and providing cooling effect.

Save through fridge and freezers : These appliances show minimised electricity savings when the fridge temperature is set between 3 C and 5C and the freezer temperature is set between -15 C and -18 C.

Close the rooms which aren’t being used : This is a simple way to retain cool air, reduce the power consumption and efficiently direct the cooling effect from the air conditioner.

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